Curved Staircase

The curving of a staircase is a European technique that consists of dividing the steps in such a way as to provide a progressive and balanced turn that makes for a comfortable pace.

When a stairway has both a straight part and a rotating part, it is typical to to curve the steps, that is, to make several of the straight steps progressively oblique. At Columna Metal, we create your custom-made curved staircase so that it fits perfectly with your space and meets the standards of Quebec’s commission de la construction.

What Is a Curved Staircase?

A curved staircase consists of steps that are both trapezoidal and straight, and the shape of the steps determines the shape of the curved stringer. To ensure that a staircase is comfortable, the rule of thumb is an average of eight curved steps for each quarter turn: a true advantage in terms of ergonomics. Curved staircases do not have intermediate levels; changes in direction are created by the curved stairs. The position of the stairs guides the user towards the turn. The manufacturing of a curved staircase is delicate, since it requires cutting certain steps at an angle to follow the movement. There are two types of curved staircases: staircases with one quarter turn or staircases with two quarter turns. A staircase with one quarter turn has a 90 degree change of direction, and the quarter turn can be at the top, middle or bottom of the staircase. Staircases with two quarter turns, on the other hand, have a 180 degree change of direction. The quarter turn indicates the section of the staircase that provides the change in direction, with the help of the curved stairs.

Why Choose a Curved Staircase?

In addition to aesthetics, a curved staircase creates an element of comfort. This is thanks to the decrease in deviation in terms of the stride line. A fully curved staircase allows for the creation of several stride lines adapted to different strides. In this sense, even a straight staircase can be fully curved.

What space to reserve for a staircase is a critical decision. A curved staircase has the advantage of being less cumbersome, takes up less space and does not have a landing .

A curved staircase is also safer, does not have any wheeling steps and the treads are regular. Due to the widening of the turning part, each step has a necessary area on which to safely place the foot. Moreover, the user does not have to veer from his stride line. A curved staircase considerably reduces the risk of accidents and falls. In addition, the user’s hand always stays on the bannister at the quarter turns due to the stairs’ curve. No step converges to the same point, and the progression in distance is constant, providing for better balance and more comfort.

Choose Columna Metal

At Columna Metal, we create curves with the greatest care according to each individual case. We are aware that only a well-done curve provides the expected aesthetic element, while guaranteeing an optimal user experience.

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