The guardrail is an essential element of your home. It is necessary for defining your spaces and provides an important level of safety. Our guardrails effectively meet both of these purposes. They are studied and created to protect you from empty spaces and to accessorize your environment.

What Is a Guardrail?

Composed of metal, aluminium or stainless steel, our guardrail structures are resistant to corrosion. Moreover, it’s vital to be extra attentive to a guardrail’s construction so that it will not be easily climbed or that a child cannot slide between its components. Safety is a guardrail’s or handrail’s primary objective.

It can be placed on:

  • a balcony
  • an exterior terrace
  • the perimeter of a landing
  • a roof terrace
  • a staircase
  • or any other space on your property

Whether it’s for your first planning, a renovation or a change in home, we will produce a custom-made guardrail for your terrace, balcony, hallway, mezzanine or any other space in your home.

Why Choose a Guardrail?

Having a handrail or a guardrail in your home is an essential safety element for your family. A guardrail provides a true barrier and protects against accidental falls into empty spaces.

For your comfort and safety, all of our products meet a certain number of standards. In Quebec, all balconies with a height between 24” et 71” where access is possible, must be equipped with a guardrail measuring 36” in height to ensure individuals’ protection against falls. If the height is more than 71” from the ground, handrails of 42” in height are required. For all areas giving access to a pool, 48” handrails are required. These standards are established by the national building code. Moreover, all insurers and municipalities can impose additional standards. We work meticulously to adapt our guardrails to the standards that are effective in your area.

Choose Columna Metal

Choosing the Columna solution for your guardrails or handrails is assuring yourself products of exceptional quality. Guardrails and handrails have become, over time, true decor elements. Through their original and unique design, Columna’s products give free reign to your imagination and creativity. All of our products are custom-made and adapted to your spaces. We advise you to provide you the most optimal solution according to your needs, tastes and enviroments.

Experts in modern and contemporary styles, we are the best at guiding you on structure materials, on the diversity of fillings for your guardrails (cables, glass…). Our installation method requires no drilling. The guardrail’s surface is slid inside a slot into poles. The surfaces are simply pinched in the poles, and the glass is therefore not affected. Our unique, drill-free method is currently pending an international patent.

Our extensive palette of colours allows you to choose your preferred combination for your terrace, staircase or balcony. We custom make guardrails reflective of your image to give a true level of charm to your home.

Would you like a free estimate on your project? Contact our experts to get advice on aesthetics, material selection or layout possibilities.

Garde corps
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