Pool Fence

To protect and enhance your pool area, choose a Columna fence. We manufacture a custom-made fence based on an analysis of your environment. Thanks to Columna’s system, you can adopt a contemporary style and ensure your family’s safety. Our metallic structures do not require a lot of maintenance, and have won over dozens of people in the last few years.

What’s a Pool Fence?

A pool is, without a doubt, a place to relax. Kicking back by the water with family or friends and soaking up the sun in complete serenity is the perfect way to spend a summer day. Safety is therefore a must! All of Columna Metal’s fences are made according to Quebec’s security standards. In addition to being a legal obligation, a pool fence can considerably reduce the risk of unfortunate accidents.

Aside from being a safety element, over the years, the pool fence has become a design element, too. Lately, glass fences have seen a spike in popularity. Its translucidness shakes off the imprisonment factor and allows for an open view of the pool. Accompanied by the fence’s metallic structure, the fence takes on a stylistic element, blends into the landscape and the structure’s design puts an elegant accent on the pool’s contours without affecting the view.

Why Choose a Pool Fence?

Columna fences protect your children by the pool area and offer you peace of mind: you cannot move them, slip under them, straddle them or climb over them, and the fence’s opening is secured, making it impossible for a child to open it. Our pool fences are indeed an insurmountable obstacle.

Columna Metal’s material is designed to give character to your backyard with, on the one hand, an area for relaxation and, on the other hand, the backyard itself. Its contemporary edge brings distinction and elegance. Personalized to fit your style and backyard furniture, your pool fence will increase the value of your property.

Choosing Columna Metal

All of our fences are custom-made as well as easy to install. They will provide you safety, aestheticism and harmony. In choosing a Columna fence, you are choosing an avant-garde style and exceptional quality. Our experts will guide you in choosing your design elements. Contact us for more information on our pool fences.

Clôture de piscine au design contemporain
Clôture de piscine