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Pool Fence

All of our pool fences are custom designed according to your needs. They are both safe and aesthetic.

Clôture d'une piscine

Custom-made Guardrails

Guardrails are an essential element in a home. Aside from defining different living spaces, they also fulfill an important safety function.

Garde corps d'une terrasse

For Your Safety

All of Columna Metal’s products respect the safety standards Quebec. Our metallic structures help to considerably reduce the risk of unfortunate accidents in your home. Safety is an extremely important element for our team. Our structures are therefore produced with care by our experts in order to protect your family from risks that are present in your home. Choose a Columna Metal struture and say yes to extra peace of mind.

In addition to being safe, our products add a sophisticated charm to your environment. All of our products are offered in the widest colour selection possible. Our large palette of colours permits you to choose the combination that is a perfect match with your decor.

Choose Columna Metal

Choosing Columna means choosing high-end materials. Our team will happily guide you in choosing your structural elements. Choosing the Columna solution for your guardrails or pool fences is also ensuring yourself of having products of exemplary safety. All of our products are custom-made and adapted to your needs.

Want a free estimate on your project? Contact us to discuss your particular needs. We would be happy to explain to you all the possibilities at your disposal.