Do you have a terrace or a balcony on which you enjoy spending time with loved ones? A windscreen is the perfect barrier against wind that will allow you to enjoy your exterior space even more! Custom-made, a windscreen allows you to build a truly personalized shelter !

What Is a Windscreen ?

A windscreen is a structure that aims to isolate an exterior space. It can be installed around a balcony or a terrace. Its primary function is to protect you against winds and drafts so that you can enjoy your space under optimal conditions. This structure also allows you to have a private exterior space.

Aside from the fact that it protects you from the wind, the windscreen also allows you to define your space and adds a personal and particular touch to your environment. If you are looking for a refined solution, the glass windscreen is the best option. It’s a practical, solid barrier in a modern design that allows you to take more advantage of your exterior spaces. The ultimate goal of this structure is to windproof a part of your exterior space according to dominating currents.

Why Choose a Windscreen ?

If you are looking for protection that is effective and discreet, the glass windscreen is an excellent option. It does not deprive you of the view from your balcony or terrace, and it protects you well against the wind. This glass protection will allow you to enjoy your space to the fullest, from the first warm days of the year through to the end of autumn.

A windscreen is also an excellent option as a barrier for your pool! Our windscreens guarantee you optimal protection against drafts and wind currents, fewer leaves in your pool, minimal mantenance and considerably warmer water for swimming.

Our windscreens are made with high-end, resistant materials that allow them to withstand all forms of inclement weather!

Contact Columna Metal

Specialized in the manufacturing of custom-made metallic structures, we are the experts in contemporary style and we will work to best incorporate your windscreen in your decor and according to your expectations. We work as well with:

  • metal
  • aluminium
  • stainless steel
  • glass

We will assist you in choosing the windscreen adapted to your needs! We offer a wide array of colours and we take into account all of your needs so that we can propose the best solution for your space planning. We are at your disposal to answer all of your questions.

With Columna Metal’s windscreens, you can transform your terrace into a new, welcoming and cozy living space. Custom-made, reflective of your image and according to your space, your windscreen will be a unique piece. We take particular care with the finishes of our products, and we guarantee their long durability.

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