About Us

Columna Metal : structure métallique

Who are we?

Our team has been offering you its expertise and passion for custom-made artisan manufacturing for many years. Columna provies metallic strucutres to refine your decor.

We work with metal, aluminium and stainless steel to design our products. Metal is a modern material that is gaining increasing popularity in decor. Its solidity and elasticity make it the perfect choice!

We work as much with individuals as we do with businesses. As a Quebec leader in metallic structure manufacturing, we commit to our clients premium quality and solutions that reflect their needs.

What Do We Offer?

At Columna Metal, we offer solutions for your balconies, fences, windscreens, staircases, handrails, guardrails, columns and for all other layouts.

Our products are manufactured and engineered in our workshops from metal, alumnium and stainless steel. The metal pieces that we produce meet the highest standards of accuracy. Our goal is to combine quality and creativity to provide you high-end products.

Each piece is painted separately with cooked paint to guarantee you the best possible durability. Based on your tastes and expectations, we offer a palette of 9 colours: Nieve (white) / Carbon (black) / Chocolate (brown) / Plata (silver) / Diabolo (bright red) / Vino (bordeaux) / Limon (yellow) / Cielo (sky blue) / Mar (dark blue)

This list is only suggestive; we can offer you the colour you want and that would perfectly match your decor.

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Structure métallique Columna Métal

Our Approach

Our approach consists of bringing you the greatest satisfaction, both in terms of advice on product selection and the quality of materials used. Through an initial telephone call, we evaluate your needs and expectations, followed by an appointment to evaluate your project in all its forms.

Our experts in the field advise you on product choice in terms of your needs, expectations and taste, and then perform a detailed analysis of your environment. Once your project is formalized, we will promptly send you a budgeted quote.

Attentive to details and to the quality of our products, we always bring solutions that are adapted to your expectations and the uniqueness of your projects. Our expertise allows us to best understand you and provide you with the best possible results.

To know more about our products and to get advice from our specialists, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or by email.