Winding Staircase

A winding staircase is generally chosen for space optimization. At Columna Metal, we’re committed to respecting this purpose while manufacturing a stylish structure that perfectly complements your decor.

What’s a Winding Staircase?

A winding staircase consists of two or three right angles. Each angle is often situated at the top of the staircase, but there are several possibilities, and the angle can also be found in the middle or at the bottom. A winding staircase generally implies a space gain as well as aestheticism. At Columna Metal, our focus is offering you the best staircase according to your aesthetic tastes and your living space.

Your staircase’s steps are true elements of safety and style. Based on your expectations and aesthetic tastes, we will choose a type of step among the two existing in the staircase’s turning part: radiating stairs that are mostly straight and curved stairs that widen at the turn. Radiating stairs are perpendicular to limons in the straight part of the flight and become radiating at the turn.

Curved stairs, on the other hand, begin turning in the straight flights making the collets wider at the turn. Aside from its safety feature, the latter configuration allows for an easier climb and descent of the stairs, thanks to the stairs widening at the turn.

Why Choose a Winding Staircase?

We typically recommend a winding staircase when your room’s configuration demands it or if there is limited space to install a straight staircase. Ideal for optimizing your living space, a winding staircase takes up less room than a straight one, it can be easily placed in the corner of your room and gives you the benefit of a staircase that is comfortable and that meets all safety standards (number of steps, dimensions, height of risers, etc.).

To meet all of your needs, we offer a large selection of materials for redoing the floor of your staircase and choices for ramps and guardrails.

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At Columna Metal, we’re committed to integrating your staircase in the best way so that it complements your home. As specialists in metallic structures, we manufacture your custom-made staircase so that it meets your expectations, whether it’s a gain in space or enhancing your interior and exterior decor.

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