Are you planning to redo your backyard and make it into a nice and comfortable living spce? A pergola is a gorgeous construction consisting of columns supporting a roof that enhances your yard. At Columna Metal, we provide you with a custom-made shelter for the relaxing moments in your life. All of our products are manufactured from high-end, resistant materials.

What Is a Pergola?

Bioclimatic pergolas are effective shelters against the sun, wind or fleeting summer rain. At different moments of the day, you can, according to the options selected for the ceiling, regulate the sunshine and take advantage of a space dedicated to your well-being. Our pergolas protect you against heat and allow you to benefit from your yard for a longer period during the year. In choosing a solution with adjustable blades, for example, you will be able to choose whether or not to let in the sun. If, on the other hand, you choose the UV-protection tinted glass roof, you will enjoy the best of the sunlight without its drawbacks.

Why Choose a Pergola?

As the warm season approaches, are you looking to spend more time in your backyard and optimizing your comfort against inclement weather? Robust, aluminium pergolas are the ideal solution for those seeking low-maintenance. Moreover, according to the rhythms of the seasons and weather, you will benefit from a living space offering you optimal comfort. More than a simple living area, we create a space that will invite you to live outdoors.

The pergola offers a fresh perspective on your living space. Whether leaning against your wall to provide shade to your deck or tractor, that is to say independent, a pergola provides you with an excellent additional living space.

Choose Columna Metal

We produce pergolas reflective of your image, custom-made, high-end and in a modern style to transform your backyard into a trendy and welcoming space. Based on your ideas, we will come up with an original project, adapting it to your terrace, exposure to sunlightand to the different proportions and entrances of your home.

Our team of exterior planning experts make it a point to guide you to ensure that your backyard is a place of warmth, whatever the season. Each project takes into account your needs, expectations, your home, its exposure, its entrances and the climate. We accompany you throught the process of creating your exterior space. Contact us now to obtain ideas and advice.

Pergola sur-mesure dans un jardin
Pergola en métal éclairée